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Foodies’ Favourite Food Tour

Our “Foodies’ Favourite Food Tour” will nurse your taste buds in every way, offering you a glimpse into what the Danish kitchen is all about. Since early 2000 the Nordic Cuisine has become famous all over the world with the concept New Nordic Food. And boy did this change the Danes' eating habits! Learn more about the ideas of The new Nordic cuisine and the next generation of The new nordic with focus on sustainable cooking. During the tour you will have a different tastings. You will try the traditional Danish lunch: an open faced sandwich called ‘smørrebrød’. Do you fancy trying our marinated herring, or a Danish liver pate with pickled beets and bacon, just to name two on the endless list. You will also taste samples of sweets like salty liquorice, Danish pastry and the indescribably good “flødeboller” Food restrictions We will consider food allergies or other food restrictions. Please inform us when you book the tour.

Carlsberg - the father, the son and the beer

In 1838 J. C. Jacobsen tasted Bavarian beer for the first time. It was the start of the world’s fourth largest brewery, Carlsberg. Meet us at Carlsberg and join us on a journey where we talk about the history of beer which started over 10.000 years ago! We tell about the founder J. C. Jacobsen, who named the brewery after his son Carl and the hill upon which the plant is located – Valby Bakke. The son entered the family business, but they got into a conflict, and that is why you will hear about New and Old Carlsberg. We will tell you about their battles and reconciliation. Carlsberg has donated many gifts to the people of Denmark – like Frederiksborg Slot, The Glyptotek, The Botanical Garden and last but surely not least, the Little Mermaid. We will walk around in the Carlsberg City, visit the garden, look at both the old and new buildings and hear the story. And of course… There are no talks about beer without tastings. Did you know that in the 1800th century the water in Copenhagen was so dirty, that you had to drink beer instead? Any grownup received 6 liters of beer a day and the students at the Latin schools got 3-4 litres!

Cheers Copenhagen!

We will take you on a colourful and lively walk through Copenhagen where we explore history seen through Danish drinking traditions. So let’s just begin by stating the obvious; – nothing compares to social drinking with good friends. That’s the way it is today, and it was always like that! On this tour we will combine tasting, chatting and learning. We will tell you about the traditions of brewing beer and wine through the centuries in the Danish capital and we can offer a visit in one of the iconic bars full of atmosphere and anecdotes. You will hear what the poor man, the kings and nobles and the virtuous monks poured into their glasses. In 1807 the British bombarded Copenhagen and eventually stole our fleet. Horrendous! It was a defeat and humiliation of incredible proportions that we can hardly imagine today. But after this catastrophe Nyhavn with the iconic coloured houses changed to a very lively area! And who can imagine the city of Copenhagen without all the decorated bars and restaurants on the sunny side of this harbour promenade where the tough sailors used to enjoy their time off and spend the money they just earned at sea. So good and bad come together and often in the company of alcohol. Another example of this paradox is King Christian the 4th, beloved for his great architecture that we still enjoy today. But his economic administration of the kingdom leaves no space for admiration. However, who else would have had 35.000 drinking glasses made specially for his crowning ceremony and replaced the streams of water in the fountains with wine? On this tour you are in for a treat of beer and wine traditions from the middle ages to the Renaissance and today. And we will of course also get to Carlsberg’s fascinating mix of eager innovation, sense of quality and family drama. And one important thing: The walking pace is comfortable. There are five stops with tastings of beverage on the route, some of them on the road and others in one of the oldest remaining bars in Copenhagen. If these walls could talk! Ah, but listen closely, they actually do.

Wine walk - castles and wine

Welcome to a unique city wine tour with our storytelling sommelier. We have put together a city tour that will take you to some of the major highlights of Copenhagen. Do Danes have a wine history? Oh yes! It is a story of Eouropean history as well. Of course, we have stories about wine even though we are in cold Denmark. Even the Vikings knew about wine! They tasted wine on their expeditions to the Frankish Empire and to Paris, and they demanded wine among other things as compensation for stopping plundering. EVERYONE CAN JOIN! If you like a good glass of wine and a good story, then you are a natural fit for this tour, where we visit a cozy wine bar at the end of the tour. Here, we introduce wine tasting in a way that everyone can participate. We give good tips for classic wines and what food to serve them with. If you have any questions, our sommelier is ready to answer – whether it’s about history or wine. The city tour starts with a look at Amalienborg and and 1700 wine list. We are passing by the highlights of Copenhagen and during the tour you will hear the vivid stories of the Danish wine. We tell the story of the Rosenborg wine and we also talk about the extravagant royal parties in old times and you will taste Renaissance wine while listening to the story about the Kings son in law drowning in the moat. After an hour and a half of city walking, we sit down at one of Copenhagen’s coziest wine bars. Here, we will serve four glasses of wine for you. We tell you about the wines and introduce you to wine tasting in a way that everyone can participate. We don’t just talk about the wines and why they are different, but also about how to pair wine and food. If there are loose ends from the city tour, this is also where we tie up the last few details. After a total of two hours, the guide leaves you, but of course, you have the table for as long as you like. This tour can also be done as a talk and wine tasting at your hotel.

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"Thank you so much for the city tour last Thursday. We have simply received so much feedback from people with praise for the guides!

Bonnier Publications

It was an immense pleasure - we will definitely come again 100%. Exciting stories, skillfully conveyed with a twinkle in the eye - and immense knowledge!!! THANK YOU

Jeanette, Copenhagen

It was a highly engaging presentation. The combination of historical information, amusing anecdotes, and questions directed at us made it an informative, enjoyable, and relevant tour for all of us."

Erik, Frederiksberg

It was a highly engaging presentation. The combination of historical information, amusing anecdotes, and questions directed at us made it an informative, enjoyable, and relevant tour for all of us."

Erik, Frederiksberg

Mette was simply world-class as a guide. It was about her immense knowledge of Copenhagen, clever perspectives, really good rapport with all of us along the way, which felt very personal in the group, her ease in deviating from the script if there were comments or something happened along the way, friendliness, humor, and much more - a true pleasure!” i form af afvigelser fra scriptet såfremt n”

Claus, Københavns Professionshøjskole

“1000 tak for en FANTASTISK “Festlig Fyraftenstur” i fredags! 😀 Har kun fået positive tilbagemeldinger fra de andre deltagere – en yderst informativ tur, som var alt andet end kedelig.”

Charlotte, EWG Electronics ApS

Our copenhagen started with cold misty n fog but Sara warmed it up instantly with stories full of history and wit!!!! She and Nils were really friendly and did their best to orientate us in this cool city .... highly recommended - see u guys in summer!.”


Sara was our tour guide in Copenhagen, she introduced us to the city and showed us how beautiful Copenhagen is. During the 4 hour walk we stopped at the palace and learned about Royal family, visited university, some historic churches, learned about history of Jewish community in Denmark and other sites (sorry, little Mermaid was not on our agenda). Sara took us to the hidden spots which we otherwise would miss, gave us great recommendations for our stay in the city. We absolutely enjoyed the tour and the city. We want to come back!

 Natasha, Atlanta

“Tak for inspirerede juletur med godt til både hjernen og maven. En virkelig god tur, der som altid, når Københaverture er involveret, giver et nyt blik på byen – og i det her tilfælde også julen. Kan varmt anbefales!”

Nataca København

“Tak for en fantastisk byvandring i går. I er anbefalelsesværdige.”

Helle, DLA Piper

We went on two wonderful tours with Sara - Tour of Dragor and Biking Tour Of North Zealand and I would highly recommend Sara. She is very bright, interesting to listen to, and very patient. Most of all, Sara is easy to be with and a terrific guide. She really helped make our time in Denmark truly special!!!

Adam C, Canada

“1000 tak for en hyggelig og lærerig byvandring og quiz i fredags! Vi synes arrangementet var rigtig godt, og vi har også fået mange positive tilbagemeldinger fra de andre deltagere.”

Susanne, Kammeradvokaten

I want to give you a huge thank you for a truly exciting and engaging tour with our team. We had a great time, laughed, and gained a lot from it. You have our warmest recommendations, and I will definitely come back to you if we go on another trip