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About us

City walks, sightseeing and food tastings. With heads full of stories, we make sure you take home a memorable souvenir

Get the important overview of the city. Enjoy the wonderful sights and atmosphere in the company of a professional guide.

Even if you have a tight schedule you can make it. We, as licensed guides, will make sure that you will see the best sights and experience the highlights of Copenhagen.

Ensure your valued clients have a memorable experience. Show your care and hospitality by including a guided tour in your business or conference program.

As your local guides we can’t wait to show you the beauty and the secrets of Copenhagen. We will take you through the narrow streets, the small squares and show you some of the cool spots of Copenhagen. We will definitely make sure that you will have an unforgettable experience in the buzzing city of Copenhagen with our riveting history and beautiful sights.

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Sara Sejergaard


Born and raised in Copenhagen and committed to show you my beloved city. I’m looking forward to telling you the best and most inspiring stories about hidden oases and must-see sights of Copenhagen. I have a soft spot for castles and the Royal family. I find it very exciting telling their stories and explain the paradox of being an old-fashioned monarchy in a modern democracy. As a teacher and mother of three children I can answer any question you might have about education and family life.

I used to live in Upstate NY with my family for one and a half year and thus have a great knowledge about similarities and differences between Danish and American culture.



Guide and Partner in Copenhagen this WayMette

I love telling a great story! And fortunately Copenhagen is full of exiting, dramatic and passionate stories. I am a very enthusiastic guide. My goal is to give you a personal experience of Danish history, culture and food tasting during your stay in Copenhagen. Set time aside for a traditional Danish Smørrebrød/Smorrebrod (open faced sandwiches) lunch midway through the tour. You will not regret it 🙂

I have a master’s degree in History and Communication, and I am a culinary certified tourist guide. I love history, food and drinks.




Tanja Smed


From the age of 11, my biggest dream was to go out and explore the world. So I have worked as a flight attendant for 20 years and still enjoy flying off to exotic destinations! When home in Copenhagen, I enjoy a long and warm relationship with the city. I am fascinated by the constant changes Copenhagen goes through and love exploring the hidden gems this cool capital offers. Let me take you on a walk by the harbor and canals or join me on a historic journey back to the era where kings and queens influenced time. Come on a tour where we explore and hear about some of the people who lived here and left their footprint in Danish history. With a background in the hospitality industry I enjoy feeling the energy from other people and sharing my own love of a good story on a tour.


guide in Copenhagen this WayIben

Let me show you the old and the new Copenhagen. Our capital has a charming old centre with little narrow streets, parks and cafés. It is surrounded by a new modern and sustainable city. You will soon learn that the citizens enjoy outdoor life, a good cup of coffee or a green bottle of beer as soon as the sun is out. If it is cold, and that happens in Denmark, they will wrap themselves in the café blankets. If it is dark, there will be cozy candlelights. One of my specialties is food, New Nordic food. Every month new restaurants, chef’s, markets or gatherings open. They will play with new recipes, wild garlic from the local woods and organic meat. Take a bite of Copenhagen, and I will help you find the taste of the old and the new, the traditions and the trends.