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Danish Christmas- a culinary tasting feast


Christmas in Denmark – Glædelig jul!

Danish Christmas is a celebration of traditions, decorations and most of all food! We prepare for months, so when the winter comes we have all our Christmas favourites ready to enjoy.Join us on a very special christmas tour

Explore Danish Christmas among the lit up streets of Copenhagen and hear stories about solstice in the Viking ages. Get to know the superstition and faith among the monks in Medieval times – and hear about angles and elfs.

Why do the Danes dance around the Christmas tree? And why do they put an almond in their Christmas dessert?

Join us on a tour where we will taste some of our most popular foods and drinks Danish Christmas can offer  – and to get you into the true Christmas spirit by singing along to some of our Christmas carols!


About the tour

Duration: 3,5 hours

Start: At your hotel

End: At your hotel/ a place of your choice

See under payment for individual quote


Included in the tour

  • Authorized guide
  • Tastings
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