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Viking city walk in Copenhagen_ photo from Ribe Vikingecenter

Have you seen the TV serie Vikings? Are you fascinated with the history of the sea warriors from the North? Do you want to know more about them? How they lived, loved, fought and died?

Welcome to the land of the Vikings! Join us on this guided walking tour through the very early days of Copenhagen and through the lives of these fascinating people.

Vikings where so much more than brutal sea warriors. They were excellent shipbuilders, merchants, artists, party people celebrating the year’s biggest event called jul – or Christmas as we call it today, inventors of many words in the English language, the beer. The feastly and beastly. The times of the vikings are not only a story of the brutal heathen fighters, who plundered and murdered their way through Europe, it is also a story of everyday life, hope, love and fear. Explore their minds, hearts and souls together with us right in the middle of Copenhagen.

We invite you on this guided tour for 2,5 hours in the footsteps of the Vikings through the old part of Copenhagen.

Walking tour in the footsteps of the Vikings

The tour starts at the Town Hall Square and it will take you to the Nationalmuseum, where we will show you the 10 highlights of the Viking treasures before we continue the tour to the Botanical Garden, where we will talk about Viking food, the spices, beer and mead. Of course it is not a real Viking tour if we did not have any tastings along the way.

During the 2,5 h tour we will teach you to spell your name using the runic letters from the Viking alphabet called Futark.

We hope that you are ready to embark on this guided walking tour with us through the narrow streets of Copenhagen in search of the Vikings.

What should you expect during this walking tour?

  • A very enthusiastic guide in love with the Vikings
  • Tastings that will make you remember the stories
  • The tour lasts for 2,5 hours and we will walk app. 3 km in a relaxed speed
  • The tour includes a visit at the National Museum

About the tour

Duration: 2,5 hours

Start: Town Hall Square

End: Food market

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  • Tastings: honey, juice, beer
  • Authorized passionate guide
  • Entrance to the National Museum

Get inspired

Do you want more Viking stuff? Here are some cool suggestions for you:

Viking Ship Museum in Roskilde – 5h tours

Guided tour to Roskilde photo Kim WyonExperience the Vikings skills as ship builders, as well as warriors. No wonder innocent people around Europe would feel the ice cold fear, when they spotted the Vikings in the horizon. At the Viking Ship Museum you can see five original ships from the Viking periode. You can even try to sail as a Viking. The café only serves Danish Viking inspired food.

Land of Legends! – 8h tour

Guided tour to The Land of Legends phot Ribe VikingecenterMeet the ancient Kings of Lejre. According to legend, the seat of power of ancient kings and sons of Odin, the Scyldingas, was located in Lejre in the Iron and Viking Ages. Explore the remains of a unique stone ship in Gl. Lejre that is one of Scandinavia’s largest. Also visit the the exhibition Lejre of the Mythical Kings at Lejre Museum to learn more about the ancients.

10.000 years of Danish history brought to life. Houses and settings from the Iron Age, Stone Age, Viking Age and the 19th century, lots of fun activities.

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