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South Zealand Tour – Climb the Forest Tower!

guided tour to the forest tower from Copenhagen

Join us on a full day trip south of Copenhagen to the amazing Tree Tower.

”How does one measure the greatness of a place?” Times Magazine added this place on their 100 greatest places list in 2019. The Camp Adventure Forest Tower located in the picturesque South Zealand area gives a unique nature experience, from where you on the 3 km path in eye level can study the trees from the forest floor to the tree crowns. On sunny days you will from the top of the Forest Tower be able to see the Oresund Bridge, Turning Torso in Malmö and parts of the Copenhagen skyline. In a country with no mountains the tower with its 135 meters above sea level, is the highest point available on Zealand.

After the hike in the tree tower we will have a break and enjoy a traditional Danish lunch in a nearby restaurant.

Remember: Practical clothes and good walking shoes
Duration: 6 hours
Walking distance: 3 km

Choose one of the following options and extend the tour with 2 hours

Stevns’ Cold War Museum

Denmark would have been in the very frontline if the cold war had gotten warm! Explore the nuclear attack-proof fortress at the peninsula of Stevns – one of Denmark’s most secret places and part of the defense. For 40 years the staff here was ready for war 24/7 – today you can get a very authentic experience in the fortress, which looks exactly the way it was left, when the cold war ended. A local guide will take us to the 1,7 km long tunnels 18 meters underground. English explanation in audio guides will be provided.

Remember: Practical and warm clothes and good walking shoes are required
Please bring: Smartphone and ear buds (The audio guide is app-based)
Walking distance: 3 km

Faxe Geocentre (family friendly)

Once upon a time 63 millions years ago the limestone landscape in Faxe was a huge coral reef. Explore the exhibition telling the cool story about dinosaurs and the birth of the earth. Get a hands-on activity with hammer and chisel, when a local guide will take us on a fossil hunt and tell all the exciting stories about the prehistoric era.

Practical clothes and good walking shoes are required
Remember: Sun screen
Walking distance: 3,5 km

Stevns’ Cliff (UNESCO’s world heritage)

guided tour at Stevns Klint UNESCOWalking tour around the amazing cliff in Stevns. A place that recently was inscribed on the UNESCO’s World Heritage List because the explanation for the extinction of the dinosaurs lies hidden in the cliff. A local guide will give you an informative and fun tour in the area and show you a local parish church, where the chancel collapsed and fell to the shore beneath due to a landslide in 1928.

Practical clothes and good walking shoes are required
Remember: Sun screen
Walking distance: 2,5 km


Photo: Mark Wengler, VisitDenmark
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