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The Jewish History Tour

join us in a walk about jewish history in Copenhagen

Discover Jewish history in Copenhagen 

Denmark has a small population of Jews, but they have lived here for centuries. So When did the first Jews arrive in Denmark and how did they manage to live as a minority in a Christian country? Why was 99% of the Danish Jewish population rescued during the 2nd World War and how is Jewish life in Denmark today?

Join us on a tour focusing on the Jewish legacy and listen to the fascinating stories of mosaic life in the Capital throughout history.

Copenhagen Synagogue

On the tour you will see the Danish synagogue. The nearby Trinitatis church was the place where the Torah-rolls of the synagogue were hidden during the Second World War. Next to the church rises one of  Copenhagen landmarks the Round Tower, with its Hebrew inscription.

Jewish museum

At the Danish Jewish Museum the story is told in a spectacular room created by the world famous architect Daniel Liebeskind. We will begin our visit with a short movie about Jews and the Mosaic organization in Denmark and afterwards see some of the artefacts which tell the stories about persecutions and freedom.

In the end of the tour we will visit the Jewish cemetery – a peaceful oasis in the middle of the multicultural part of Copenhagen called Nørrebro.

If you have questions or do not have five hours and wonder if you can do the tour anyway, do give us a call or send a mail.

About the tour

Duration: 5 hours

Start: At your hotel

End: At your hotel/ place at your choice

Included in the tour

  • Authorized guide
  • Private van/bus

The tour can also be arranged for bigger groups and as a 3 hour tour

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