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Cultural talks – time well spent

Use your time in Copenhagen well. We offer a cultural talk about Copenhagen, Denmark and the Danes at arrival. Meet us in the airport; we transfer your group to your hotel, get you settled, and while you are relaxing, eating breakfast, lunch or dinner, listen to an entertaining talk about the Danes, the Scandinavian way of life and of course good stories from the past.

The Danes, hygge and happiness

Learn about the Danes, their monarchs and why they are one of the happiest people on the planet despite the taxes, the rain and the fact that they do not live as long as their neighboring countries. And what is this thing called “hygge”? We explore that phenomenon as well. No hygge without food and drinks. Let us tell you about the Nordic food and where to go, once you are on your own.

Bikes, vikings and monarchs

This talk will also save you from the most serious threat in Copenhagen: The bikes! We will tell you how to bike in Copenhagen and why Copenhagen has become the number one biking city in the world. You can also hear about the Vikings, the relationship to Sweden and the Danish monarchy.

Ask and we will answer

Your guests can ask about anything and everything during the talk. We will have answers for almost everything there is to know about Copenhagen and the Danes.

At the end we will provide you with a short explanation on how to get around in Copenhagen and where to go – all customized to your interests.

The cultural talk includes:

The cultural talk can include a small bag with maps, liquorice, must sees and other fun stuff needed for your survival in wonderful Copenhagen.

We will customize the talk after your guests’ requests and questions.
The cultural talk lasts app. 1 – 1,15 h. and can be combined with a city tour or other activities.