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Tour de Harbour Circle – bike along Copenhagen waterfront

Guided tours Cycling in Copenhagen

Biking route around Copenhagen Harbour

Four new bridges have changed Copenhagen harbour from industrial area to a residential and cultural hotspot. Copenhagen Harbour has now become the largest ” Park” in the city. So join us on a 13 km cycling route around the harbour circle and discover the sights. We cross bridges and pass the ” Wave”,  South Harbour and ” Nokken “. On our trip we will pass innovative architecture and unfold the story about the Capital from heering trade to street food.

Heering trade and stalls

Copenhagen and heerings are closely connected, because through centuries the harbour was the nerve of the city. Trade and transport provided work and fortunes for the folks living here. In the medieval era the large heering markets in the Baltics, were the center for salesmen and merchant ships.

Harbour Bath and Maritime Gardens

Today old industrial areas like Islands – & Kalvebod Brygge have been transformed into exclusive residential neighbourhoods. By the ” Wave” experimental underwater gardens grow seaweed and mussels. The harbour water is so clean and the locals love taking a dip in the fresh water even in wintertime!

As promised we stop at the Circle Bridge and explain the thoughts behind the architecture designed by artist Olafur Eliasson. On the ride along the canal we pass “Nokken”, an area with its own atmosphere and feel. Because Copenhagen is undergoing so much change, it is very common to have state of heart architecture next to self-made dwellings. In the southend we make a stop at Alfred Nobels Bridge taking in the view of the harbour. Now, we still haven’t been pass all the bridges, so we continue our way to the famous Bicycle Snake and Brygge Bridge. At Krøyers Place we talk about sustainable constructions and ecolabelled buildings.

So come along and feel the life by the water and if you wish to see the harbour from the waterside, we can rent a boat and make it into sailing tour.

About the tour

Duration: 4 hours

Start: Inner Harbour Bridge, Nyhavn

End: Inner harbour bridge, Nyhavn

12 people



  • We can assist in renting bikes and arranging lunch, snacks and drinks.
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