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From Brahe to Bohr – The Great Danish Scientist Tour

Join us on this guided citytour through Copenhagen and learn about the great Danish scientists

On the this tour you will be introduced to the superstars within Danish Science. Get close to the great scientists through times, and see the places where they lived and worked.

We will explore the groundbreaking inventions and larger than life personalities in Danish history. Tycho Brahe, Ole Rømer, H.C. Ørsted, and Inge Lehmann are just some of the names you will get to know on this tour.

Indulge in astronomy, physics and medical peculiarities – we will also tell you about Niels Bohr and how he helped his German colleagues during 2nd WW, when the Nazis tried to confiscate their Nobel gold medals, by making them vanish into thin air!

Practical information
Duration: 2 hours
Start/end: Nørreport/ Kongens Nytorv
Including: Authorized guide
Price: (for 2 – 23 pax) Dkk 2200
€ 290,-
$ 320,-


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